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Final Expense Policy

Sometimes people mistake final expense life insurance policies with burial protection policies. Typically, burial protection policies are designed to cover only those expenses that are associated with the actual funeral. However at your death, there are often other financial matters that must be taken care of.

In contrast to burial protection policies, final expense policies can be used to pay all of the expenses your loved ones will incur at your death. This could include things like outstanding medical bills, legal fees, or taxes. With a final expense policy, you have the flexibility of setting aside enough money to pay your funeral expenses as well as any outstanding debts.

At the Burial Insurance Center, we'll work with you to customize a final expense policy to fit your specific needs. Your policy will be payable upon your death, so you won't have to worry about your loved ones being saddled with your expenses. Plus, you can even set aside some additional money to take care of any dependents that you might leave behind.

The premiums on the final expense policies that we sell will never increase and the policy can only be cancelled by you, except in the case of fraud or failure to pay premiums. What's more, over time, your policy will accumulate cash value. This allows you to do one of the following: take a loan against it, cash it out, or convert it into an annuity.*

To get your quick quote on a final expense policy, give us a call. Or browse our website and complete our Burial Insurance Quote Form on the Home page to get free quotes sent to directly to you. We'll design a policy that's just right for you.

*These events can trigger surrender charges, loan interest, or other costs.

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